Fiber Revival 2016

I’m delighted to be back this year for the amazing tenth anniversary of Fiber Revival!

Saturday, August 13, 2016
9am to 4pm Spencer Peirce Little Farm
5 Little’s Lane
Newbury, Massachusetts
$6 entrance fee ($4 children) to the property
Rain or Shine!

This year, Chad will be joining the fun as a vendor, bringing with him the Devices he demonstrated last year. Don’t miss his latest videos on the e-spinner everyone’s talking about!

Kelly and I put our heads together to come up with a range of classes that let you come, take a class (or two or three classes) and still get to enjoy the free-form community fun and epic shopportunity the day has to offer. I have to be honest: Fiber Revival is an event that makes me feel really connected to my New England roots and the strong fiber community there. So picking things to teach is a real treat.

Registration is now open! I look forward to seeing you in August!

9am to 11am


Every time I’m in New England, I hear requests for a short, sweet clinic in non-basic spindle topics, and I make a mental list of what things people want to know. This year, we’re finally doing it! Finer points of cop winding, pros and cons of heavy loading, long-term comfort and ergonomics, minor buzzkills that compound into larger annoyances that kill your productivity — we’ve got a great laundry list of questions from lots of veteran spinners, and I’ll show you how I handle them. 2 hours, $119, price includes all materials.

12pm – 1pm


My father, who raised his little girl properly in the bleachers at Fenway, would probably tell me I shouldn’t call the class that without a baseball theme. So I say if you bring a baseball cap, we’ll fill it up with examples of the variety of batts you can score from the fabulous vendors at Revival. Then we’ll talk about how and why they’re different, and ways to spin them up separately and in combination. Why am I so keen to do this? Because there aren’t very many places where you’ll find all three of Amy King, Josette McWilliams, and me, and we all make batts, and they’re all different. We think you’ll want to take a swing at all of them in this madcap comparison. So yeah. Batter up. 60 minutes, $69 includes all stupendous materials!

2:30pm – 4pm


Admit it: there has been at least one time in your life you’ve been stranded somewhere without your spinning or knitting or what have you… and you started looking around in desperation for some sort of fiber project. I know you have, because there’s no way I’m the only one. Learn from my experiences in getting caught out without a project while I show you how to make spindles from found objects, what kinds of emergency fiber sources may exist, and some little-known techniques for making yarn in astoundingly low-tech ways. You’ll be like “Hold my beer and watch this!” at the spinning parties when we’re done, and the dryer lint may never look the same… and you’ll know what you really can’t leave the house without. 90 minutes, $99 includes everything you’ll need.

Someone asked me if the Emergency Spinning Solutions class would be good for a brand new spinner. I’m gonna say, only if that brand new spinner has a sense of humor and wants their introduction to include laughing while watching experienced spinners do stupid party tricks. So like the answer to all spinning questions, it depends! It’s not aimed at absolute beginners, but if you’re a good sport you’ll probably have a good time and learn ways to make basic yarn in an emergency. So if you can see yourself being in an emergency where making yarn would save the day, you’re probably in the right place.

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