2 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Abby,

    My reason for writing is to let you know that – as a teacher of every level from pre-k to post-doctoral tutorials – I do not believe I have ever seen course matter better presented.
    Please also know that this is the very first time I ever wanted to take the opportunity to compliment a teacher of subjects less than strictly academic one.
    Once again, thank you for the privilege of observing your solid technique.

  2. @ Beverly Hedberg:

    That was one of the most backhanded and pompous compliments I have ever read. Clearly, Ms Hedberg, you are one of those academic pointy-heads who think themselves superior to the rest of us in the trades world. First of all: you can get a PhD in fiber arts. As to your comment about this skill being “less than strictly academic” I have to say this: go educate yourself. Second, your sentence was ill constructed and had a hang-on at the end. For a PhD who deigns to compliment others one would hope you know how to self-edit. Third, who made you the g-d of teaching? You compliment Abby, an established woman in her own right and in all probability, superior to yourself, as though you were an authority on teaching. Get real.

    Ms Hedberg, you are the typical, self-congratulating, self-adulating sophist of a professor. Go kiss a student’s bum.

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