Coming soon: a wealth of informational articles on a variety of fiber arts subjects.

2 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Dear Abby,
    I have been asked to write a piece about your Dad for Andean Past. In the course of it, I have learned a lot, including some about your computín life and yarn production…. At this point, the deadline crushes upon me, and I have been asked for photos. I wonder, might Andean Past have permission to use photos you have up on your web pages? Might you have a suggestion?

    I can send you a copy of the draft of the essay – I probably have a week before it must go off.

    Saludos, and keep spinning…

  2. I have watched your introductory video with the drop spindle several times along with
    many of the other videoes available on this topic. I would like to congratulate you on your production. These congratulationes extend to your camera person as well. Your video is very clear concise both instructionaly and visualy. It’s plain simple and gets the job done. Thank you!

    I think I’m going to purchase a spindle and some roving (?) and wait for that first cool
    autumn day. A fire in the wood stove and a new challenge at the ready. Can you spin and drink coffee? ….t.

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