Garage Queen

In 2000 I bought my first, and most likely only, brand-new car off the showroom floor in California. I was 28 years old, the mother of a 2-year-old, and we had a family vehicle; this one was just for me, and sometimes me and the toddler.

I’ve loved that car, and my son has grown up calling it The Mommy Car. He is now sixteen and a driver himself. Circumstances change, and it’s been a rough year for our family, and alas, The Mommy Car needs to go to a new home where she’ll be loved for what she is: that rare find, a low mileage summer driver that’s been garaged and maintained professionally and not only that, a muscle car that is all but unmodified, ready for either preservation or an extreme build.

  • 2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
  • 34,500 original miles
  • 5.7 Liter LS1 engine
  • SLP airbox, K&N filters of course
  • Borla cat-back exhaust, professionally installed. Man, this car sounds good.
  • New in 2013: 17×9 chrome rims from C5 ‘Vette, with new tires (200 miles on tires, garaged all winter). You also get the stock 16×9 chrome rims.
  • Kenwood stereo with iPod controls, USB, HD radio, works with steering wheel controls. You also get the original Monsoon radio.
  • Upgraded driver window motor. If you’ve ever had an f-body, you know why this matters.
  • Professional window tinting that is even California legal, with the documents proving it.
  • Original manual, window stickers, dyno sheet from 2001.
  • RARE factory sun shades. I’ve never used them; I like the glass t-tops and all. But from reading f-body listings over the years I know you’re supposed to say RARE factory sun shades. I even took a picture.


$13,000 negotiable.










One thought on “Garage Queen

  1. Abby – I’m sure you don’t remember me, but the last time I saw you was when I helped Ed build a chimney at the camp in Washington. So much has changed since then, but I, too, have a soft-spot for LS engines. I have a ’03 Z06 that also has low mileage (35k miles) and is an LS6. I bought it from an insurance auction as it was totaled when a tree fell on it, in Atlanta. It only needed a new roof, which was an easy fix (did it myself). I guess the original owner parted with it when she found out that GM no longer makes the roofs, and she didn’t want to use a recycled one. Anyway, it’s the best vehicle I’ve ever owned and I hope I never have to sell it – it’s way too much fun to drive, especially so since I’ve put on a set of headers and have had it tuned by an LS guru.

    If you and your family ever find yourselves in the Bolton/Lancaster area, look me up….I’ll let you drive the ultimate Chevy!

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