Stringtopia Prize Donors!


We just can’t thank you all enough for your tremendous support for Stringtopia. We are so lucky to be part of such a wonderful community. So we wanted to take a minute to start saying thanks to some of the fine folks who are donating door prizes and treats for the goodie bags. In no particular order:

Schafenfreude Fibers
The Spinning Loft
Spunky Eclectic
The Painted Tiger
Yarn Hollow
Goodies Unlimited
Imbued Fibers
Cedar Creek Farms
Homestead Wool and Gift Farm

And that’s just the beginning! There’s still more to come — if I haven’t listed you yet, it’s probably because I don’t know what URL you’d like me to link to. If you’re interested in donating something for prizes or goodie bags, just drop a line to both of us (, and we’ll give you all the details.

I am particularly moved by the way people are donating prizes, and what they’re sending. For instance, Barbara, who is a friend to many of us, can’t make it, so (among other things) she pulled out a favourite spindle of hers that she got at her first SOAR, started some fiber on it, and is sending it along to ride here with Morgaine. And Melissa, a regular at our yarn nights here in town and a new spinner for whom this will be her first fiber event ever, is hand-stitching a lucky someone a little something pretty, and you should see the beautiful things she makes.

The point is, everything is about the work of our hands, and us as a community, both locally and globally. I am so moved.