Tweets for October 21, 2009

  • Tomorrow is the last day to preorder a signed Respect The Spindle from me! Ships in November. #
  • @GuidoS I may have been known to do such a thing. 😉 #
  • Congrats @EGMTK for being order 225 and winning a surprise gift! #
  • @EGMTK I think the DVDs are shipping, but I'll know for sure later today! #
  • @sparkcrafted OH CRAP. Me too. #
  • @jillianmoreno dammit, now that's stuck in my head too. #
  • Oh man. Energy totally failing and much work yet to be done AND early release AND a space camp trip meeting tonight. Gonna asplode. #
  • @sparkcrafted you win. or lose. Depends how you look at it. Ooof! #