It’s been a whirlwind…

I have officially lost all track of time. In the past 5 minutes, or else perhaps it’s 5 years, the manchild finished school for the year, started summer day camp at the local YMCA, I got my copy of Amy King’s new book Spin Control, I went to Colorado to work on an exciting new project I haven’t gotten clearance to blog about yet, I saw the first laid-out pages for my book, I went to TNNA, my 40th Anniversary cherry Matchless arrived at my dealer’s, and officially started trying to make exercise part of my routine even though there’s no way I can fit it in.

Okay, it’s been 9 days, and I feel like today is the longest I’ve sat still (I think I feel that way because it’s true). I feel completely dizzy. And exhausted. And years behind on my email. And vaguely as if I’m forgetting at least 8 other things that have happened. But there are two pieces of big news. The first is that tonight, for the first time since I don’t remember when, I have time to spin something totally just for me. Something that isn’t committed to a project, necessarily. Something whimsical. Something I don’t have to spin, with no deadline. And I have absolutely no idea what to spin. None. I am totally at a loss. I can’t remember what to do with myself.

The second is that my book is officially available for preorder! I can hardly believe it, but, as my long-suffering editor said to me the other day, “This ruse that we’re publishing a book is getting expensive.” She was kidding. I hope. Seriously though, it’s real! It’s a real book. I saw real pages for it. With real pictures, and real words, and everything. It has an ISBN. It’s, you know, real. It’s really expected in November. And I’ve had a few folks ask me already where they can get signed copies. The first answer that came to mind was “Come where I’ll be signing them,” but when I said that in Amy King’s earshot this past weekend, she pointed out that with the wonders of modern technology, it’s actually possible for people to pre-order them, which she’d set up for her loyal Spunquistadores to do. “You should do the same,” she suggested. So I’m copycatting her, and there’s a link on the right nav bar where you can do just that if you’re so inclined. When the first copies hit the warehouse, I’ll get your pre-orders in, sign them, and send them out to you forthwith. Make sure you let me know who you’d like it signed to, or if there’s anything specific you’d like me to say.

But please do still come see me where I’m signing books… and I’ll let you know where that will be before too long. But in the meantime, I’m off to do my comfort spinning, and I’d love to hear what you consider comfort spinning!

35 thoughts on “It’s been a whirlwind…

  1. Oh Abby I’m so happy for you!! Judging by the responses here and on Ravelry you had better start planning the sequel. I was thinking, in keeping with famous Aretha Frankilin songs may “Think” Before You Spin, or maybe a book on novelty yarns “Chain of Fools” with lots of chain spun Abby yarns flowing down….I guess I’m getting a little ahead of myself. And don’t you dare forget about those DVD’s I need!

  2. A well-prepped wool and a well-greased wheel and I’m in heaven.

    I was at knit night the other night spinning up some alpaca silk like nothing and began to snore (I was awake). The gals thought I was spinning in my sleep! If only….

  3. CONGRATS! on the book. Am looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your labors.

    Spin something that pleases the eye, as well as the fingers. For me, a bright and playful dye job on a CorrieX or a Shetland, then card it with a little silk and some Angelina for a sparkle; and then just relax with some favorite tunes and a refreshing beverage. Enjoy!

  4. Congratulations on the book, preordering away. You are the one that helped me figure out many spinning questions in your blog.

  5. Congrats on the book. I cannot wait, I definitely will be preordering it. And WOW, I’ve never had a signed book from an author before.
    Comfort spinning. Probably BFL. It is my mindless spinning.

  6. Oh, Abby…how was Colorado? I miss it, grew up on a farm there. So tell me, how was Colorado, even if it was Boulder or Denver that you were in?

    Comfort spinning for me is some well-prepped pretty Cotswold with sparkles and a little silk in there just for a change in texture. I love te feel of it between my fingers.

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