Back, In One Piece

I made it home from TNNA’s summer 2008 show in Columbus, where it was my pleasure to sit (or, actually, mostly stand) in front of a few racks of baskets full of fiber from Louet, while demonstrating Louet’s newest wheels, the Victoria travel wheel and her full-size sibling, the Julia. I know; it’s a horrible, nasty, dirty job — but let’s face it, someone has to do these kinds of things. You know. For the greater good, and all that. Since Columbus is only about 90 minutes from me, I figured I’d take one for the team (which team is it, I wonder? Team Yarn Dork? Beats me), and headed up that way Friday evening with a Trans Am full of yarn and spinning wheel, things I needed muled to their recipients, and some bits of fiber I really had no idea what to do with (as in, “Argh! What possessed me to put glitter in the cashmere blend? That was totally stupid. I don’t think I like it. Well, maybe someone will love it. I’ll throw it in my bag and take it to TNNA and find out.”).

Walking through the convention center and hotel, I quickly found Half The Blogosphere(tm), taking over the comfy chairs at the bar and showing off their MacBook Pros, knitting, and being photographed with Stephanie’s sock. Next thing you know, Amy Singer (Knitty‘s mom) had caused me to suddenly and uncharacteristically order a pink fruity thing instead of beer, Steph summoned a choir of angels and their trumpeters to play a fanfare for the introduction of Norah Gaughan (Amanda from Lorna’s Laces looked at me and said “You look overwhelmed,” shortly thereafter; dude, Norah Gaughan! Hear the choir of angels?), and of course Jess, Casey, and Mary-Heather from Ravelry were there, and I met Stephanie from Spritely Goods, and Anne of KnitSpot (and I totally groped her sock), and Drew the Crochet Dude came by, and I totally didn’t realize who he was at first, and… well anyway. Jillian Moreno totally ran off. I barely saw her all weekend. I didn’t get a picture of her. Not one. Argh!

Well, it was like that, though. There were all sorts of “Oh! I need a picture!” but there were no cameras on the expo floor, and my Real Camera is big so I didn’t carry it with me anyway, and then ultimately I ended up putting my new camera phone to the test. It’s better than the old one, but you know… I needed a wide angle lens to fit in all the fabulous people who were there. Like at dinner, when everyone suddenly said “Oh man, we’re failing as bloggers if we don’t document this,” and everyone whipped out cameras and started trying to do just that.

(Janel Laidman, Cookie A, the hands of Anne Hanson holding a camera, plus also Anne’s chin, and Stephanie of Spritely Goods)

Well, except for Franklin, who is a total cheater because he can just do that “draw a picture” thing. He even charted the seating arrangements. He’s way too organized. I think that’s what Steph is telling him in this photo. If it isn’t, it probably should be.

And here’s Amy Singer with Jess. Here, Amy is not gasping in shock at the menu, but rather, is the very model of decorum and totally not eyeing Jess’ piña colada at all.

Mary-Heather may laugh, but as for Casey, it’s clear he is plotting something. Probably something to do with dastardly use of “agree(1)” or similar.

After dinner, at the fashion show, I did snap this photo of Steph taking a picture of Sandi Wiseheart with the traveling sock. At first, that flash of light (who is actually Amy O’Neill Houck, and we’ll talk about that sweater she’s wearing later, because it’s fabulous) and I were going to take turns so we didn’t have quite the ridiculousness factor of people taking pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures, but Steph totally insisted that made for a better shot, heightening the sometimes-absurd nature of being a blogger.

And speaking of such concepts, well, I’m really glad Steph beat me home and blogged first, because that spares me having to explain these:

which I feel is only fair, really, because I did explain briefly to the people who gathered on the sidewalk and asked what we were doing, and I did have to explain to my better half why I’d asked about dry ice and toilets when I called to say goodnight to him and our son. Spouses of fiber bloggers could probably use a support group or something. They’re tireless and suffer through all manner of strange requests to hold something just so and help take pictures of something largely inexplicable and put dinner on hold for quick notes on something that must be blogged, and what do they get in return? Sheesh.

I was thrilled to meet Cathy and Steve from WEBS, and even more thrilled when in the course of conversation, Steve needled Cathy gently about her love of cashmere and glitter. OH! Love of cashmere and glitter! YES! I grabbed the pair of totally suspect batts out of my bag, and forced Cathy to take them. Why is this bloggable? Because it’s a reminder of something I often need reminding about: my own personal aesthetics need to be set aside sometimes, and sure enough, even though I had thought putting the glitter in was a terrible idea once I’d done it, you know what I hadn’t considered? People don’t do that; so imagine being someone who wishes she could have it.

There’s lots more to say about the whole event; in reality, this post is little more than an explanation of some crappy camera phone photos. I came home with a few specific things which need individual treatment, and a lot of general thoughts as well. I saw old friends and new, and time was too short for all the catching up I’d like to have done. I wish we, in the yarn dork world, did things like this more often. I don’t think twice a year is enough.

21 thoughts on “Back, In One Piece

  1. You have no idea how much I want to be at TNNA someday. This only reinforces my desire. The problem is, by the time I figure out how to get in, someone will have taken all my cool ideas or something. 😛

    I liked Franklin’s pic of you handing him yarn. 😀

  2. It seems like absolutely everyone was there – it’s been quite entertaining and envy-causing to read everyone’s accounts of the goings-on, and the yarn.

    I suppose I’m a retailer now, but not quite up to that, I don’t think…

  3. Team Yarn Dork! Love it. Sounds like TNNA was way more fun than Maine. Remember when I said I’d always have to do Frolic…. I might be willing to change my mind.

  4. Aren’t the compensations for spouses of yarn dorks called “socks,” “hats,” and “sweaters”? Plus “company of really cool people”? Sounds like great compensation to me! Could be way worse. What do the spouses of, say, runners get? Dirty laundry! Blistery feet!

  5. Yarn Dorks Unite! 🙂 I envy you your camera photos – I didn’t even have one of those to try to capture the moments! What fun reading your post, it brought me right back!

  6. I’m a yarn dork–can I be on the team, too?

    I can’t believe that you get to go to TNNA just to spin! Woh.

  7. Team Yarn Dork! I’m on it! Woo! And for once, I really do feel like I’ve been chosen for the team – I get to take your class at SOAR! WAHOOOOOO!! I am literally bouncing up and down in my chair as I write this.

    Excuse me, I have to go practice spinning now. [yikes]

  8. is it o.k. if I don’t wear a matchy matchy t-shirt. I need to be not the same as every one. I just get a tattoo.

  9. Those last pictures look like fiber campfires! Did you make SomeMores?

  10. I was totally jealous after reading Stephanie’s blog, but now I’m reeeaaaallly jealous. And you’re going to SOAR too. Bleah to you (in a totally nice way. Sort of.) I may have to drive up there just for the yarn market and hope I get glimpses of the infamous Yarn Dorks. Sigh. Back to my sad, lonely little life…

  11. Your idea of a support group for fiber blogger mates is an excellent one, for well-stated reasons. Poor Mr. Etherknitter, long suffering, waiting years in between sweaters (scarves and mittens come more often).

  12. Hi, Abby!

    It was so great to meet you at TNNA, and thanks so much for your help with the Louet fibers — I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at them on the Louet website and backed away not knowing how they looked or felt. I hope to see you in Columbus again next year! : ))

    Linda @ Yarnzilla

  13. oh abby, it was great meeting you too . . and the phone camera certainly served you well, hee!

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