In like a lion…

About the month of March, it is said that if it comes in like a lion, it’ll go out like a lamb. In other words, if it starts out aggressive and harsh, roaring and terrifying, it’ll end up weak-kneed, bleating and small.

I honestly don’t know how to characterize the start of March. The weekend was mostly mild, but then even as it stayed clear Monday, the news guys were issuing a flood warning and promising us temperatures in the 60s F and the full melting of all our remaining snowbanks. In spite of this, Chad and I mused to each other about “in like a lamb, out like a lion” being a real possibility. I took the manchild out in the afternoon and bought him some new pants (and yeah, I bought myself another pair of fat pants too. Just in case). “Oh, look,” I said as we drove down our dead-end road, “The water company’s doing something.” Arriving home, we discovered it was upgrades to the main that serves the four houses out this way, and the water was off for the entire afternoon while they did it. The laundry began to backlog — never good news. So did the dishes.

Tuesday — primary election day — brought rain, and plenty of it. And sure enough, it was flooding in places, nearby rivers crested over their banks, all the culverts and drainage ditches were swamped, and the drive out to vote was entertaining. Per his request, I waited until the lad was home from school to head out and vote — he’s been following this election avidly, researching candidates online, and listening to the news. The roads were fine, but the nearly 3 inches of rain that fell Tuesday definitely showed, even running across the road in some spots. Not that Trucky cared. Let’s hear it for Trucky!

I’ll take a moment here to say that Trucky, a full-size crew cab pickup, is so named thanks to Chad’s defiance of our son’s assertion that you can’t just name things by using the thing they are and sticking “eee” on the end. This argument seems to have abated, but during the course of it we ended up with no shortage of things named Somethingy — even the trash cans, Rolly (which has wheels) and Draggy (which does not).

In any case, Trucky is unfazed by nasty weather.

We arrived home from democracy in action just as Chad was about to start dinner. He turned on the kitchen sink to wash his hands… and nothing.

“I thought that was yesterday,” he said.

“It was,” I replied, grabbing the notice they’d left on our door. “Hey, I have this number handy…” I dialed it up, and told the man who answered I lived out on our road, and — “And you have no water,” he said, glumly. “Yeah, turns out the main blew out right where we were working on it yesterday. I’m gonna give some credit to all this rain we’re getting. We expect it’ll be back about 6, 6:30.”

Chad made pasta using emergency water. We’re so organizized. Those poor water company guys were out working in a muddy ditch in the middle of a massive downpour till about 9 PM, restoring water service to, like I say, about four houses out this way. The laundry backlog grew again. So did the dish backlog; turns out the water went out before the dishwasher was done. Yecch.

Come Wednesday morning, the rain had turned to ice and sleet for a bit, and then it had snowed a very little. School was delayed an hour. By afternoon, you’d never know any of this drama had happened, except for the washed-out ditches and runoff channels and puddles the size of small ponds. Thursday was so unabashedly ordinary, albeit gray and dreary and muddy, that Chad said to me, “Have you seen the weather report? Are they predicting anything?” and we were both vaguely suspicious not to have heard anything. I picked up pizza for dinner, noticing as I drove home that the roads were freshly brined — an act They wouldn’t be taking, my suspicious mind said, unless They knew something I didn’t. When I checked the forecast on the way to bed, it said something about a 100% chance of precipitation and a winter weather warning and possible emergency in effect from Friday morning through Saturday night. The school web site didn’t say squat about closings, so I disregarded this entirely.

Pager duty kept Chad up all night (have I ever mentioned I don’t really miss computer work?) and he woke me before the alarm, coffee in hand and everything. “Guess what,” he said.


“No school,” he told me. “They’re predicting a foot.” That’s about 30 cm for those of you not in the USA.

I sat straight up in bed and looked out the window. Nothing. Seriously, nothing. Muddy ground and that’s it. But sure enough, the news guys are predicting the biggest snow in over 10 years. All the schools are closed, or closing at noon and sending kids home. The stores are sold out of sidewalk salt, bread, and milk. Therefore, I’m taking Trucky and hitting the store as well — because though we’re well stocked for bread and milk and our plow guy just shows up as if by magic, we are low on beer, plus we used some of the emergency water.

That’s right. I’m planning for being snowed in, because a foot in southern Ohio is epic drama, if it materializes, and I’m not willing to risk running out of beer. The very first few flakes are just starting to fall now, so I’d better get my butt in gear and check things out. I’ll take along a trusty photographer to document the frenzy, and he’ll probably help me blog it throughout the day. He’ll need something to do, after all, and the odds of him being much help with the now-epic laundry backlog are on the slim side.

The New Englander in me, and the cynic, scoff at the whole thing. We’ll see how this goes.

12 thoughts on “In like a lion…

  1. When I was living in North Carolina, we got a whopping six inches of snow. The entire region was shut down for a week, I kid you not! My northern Michigan self laughed the whole time. I admit I was scared to go out, but that’s because of all the NC folks who’d never driven in snow in their lives. I went out around the first inch – inch of snow? so what? – and have never seen so many cars in the ditch in my life!

    I’m glad we’re not expecting that weather this far east – I’m going to Poughkeepsie to teach a weaving class, and would be quite disappointed to be snowed in. Here it should be some rain, but no snow, or at least nothing substantial. I’m back in the land of “an inch is no big deal”.

  2. Hey so you might be getting the delivery of snow I keep offering you 😀 Enjoy!

    Oh, as if you havn’t checked, here is your local forcast as of 10:20 AM Eastern:

    Today: Occasional snow. High near 33. Breezy, with a north wind between 16 and 22 mph, with gusts as high as 32 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total daytime snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible.

    Tonight: Occasional snow with areas of blowing snow. Low around 21. Blustery, with a north wind between 18 and 22 mph, with gusts as high as 34 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 4 to 8 inches possible.

    Saturday: Occasional snow with areas of blowing snow, mainly before 11am. High near 27. North wind between 16 and 18 mph, with gusts as high as 29 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 3 to 5 inches possible.

    Yup, you might actually get a foot of snow!

  3. from a former Marylander (who scoffed at the grocery stores shortages resulting from such weather forcasts): dont forget toilet paper and chocolate chips (for cookies, of course)!
    though, if one needs an emergency run for TP – there are serious organizational skills lacking.
    stay warm!

  4. How, HOW can you be low on beer? What about the kegerator? You’re smart to go get the essentials. I hope you stocked up on ice cream too.

  5. I understand the scoffing — I remember being “the Canadian kid” in Richmond VA scoffing at the lousy 4″ of “snow” that cancelled school for days — but the weather reports are in alignment from the middle US to Northern Quebec… We may actually be in for a big one! Thanks for the “stock up on beer” tip!

  6. Yeah, I was working from home this morning on account of sick? And got a call from my colleague, who was out in the field, asking how the weather was.

    And that’s how I found out we’re due for about twenty inches and that’s The Worst Ever Since 1971 up here.

    Neo-Citran and pomegranate juice. Lamest hoarding ever.

  7. Heh. A foot in eastern Missouri is about the same. We woke up to nuttin’, and by afternoon there was a foot and they didn’t plough until 5 or so, at which point I couldn’t get out of my (unshovelled) driveway anyway…

  8. Fifteen years ago this weekend was the big snowstorm that closed I-65 from mid-Kentucky all the way down to the Gulf. We had moved to Alabama from Michigan a month earlier, and were astounded that 7″ of snow could close down a city the size of Huntsville. The kids were disappointed that the snow arrived on Saturday morning, so they missed no school. Hope you got your beer!

  9. I’ve been hearing about predictions for your epic blizzard! It promises to be here as rain, with flood warnings updated twice a day for the last two days.

  10. Well, if not an epic storm, it’s coming close. I hear you folks in southern Ohio are in a blizzard. We here in the north “just” have a freakin’ lot of snow! I’ve seen worse. Heck, I lived up here during the Great Blizzard of 1978, so anything less pales by comparison!

    I will say that the snow is tummy-high on the retrievers. Poor fellas…they’re really struggling to attend to bathroom duties…guess if I was a good mom, I’d be out there clearing a potty patch!

  11. We have had 2 snow storms this week in Toronto. Although I was only there for one of them. Someone up above likes me because in between the 2 storms the family and I got the heck out of doge. Thats right folks, we have escaped to the snowy ski hills of the Rocky Mountains.
    I’m sitting in my jammies(it’s 3pm.)spinning in a very posh hotel room.
    Spinning some crazy handpainted B.F.L. while I overlook the line up of skiers at the gondola. My boys are hurling themselves off the side of a VERY large mountain,and I am drinking cider. Life is very good, and I would like to thank all the rich people who hired my hubby to build
    up scale gardens last year. It’s because of them , we are here. That and the fact I don’t let the family get cable T.V. during the year so we can save our pennies for good times. Everyone enjoy the weather with some spinning and knitting. Or the hurling of ones self of high snowy mountains.

  12. HA!!!!!! I thought I was the only one that named things. 🙂 I gotta move further north. We got about 3 inches that last all of maybe one day!!!!! Geesh.

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