Hey, Michigan!

I met the fabulous Beth at SOAR 2007, where she’d have you believe she wasn’t constantly a focus of attention — even though the truth is everyone would keep drifting off mid-conversation, staring at her fabulous selection of shawls, fortunately brought back quickly by Beth’s wit and charm.

Among other great things about her, Beth owns The Spinning Loft in Howell, Michigan (which means she’s conveniently located for me to visit in order to acquire accessories and doodas with a big blue and gold M on them, and bring them back to Ohio for display on special occasions). I haven’t been to Beth’s shop yet, but we’ll be fixing that. This has been a priority for me since meeting Beth and hearing about her shop; and every time I talk to her, we end up talking about stuff that a spinning and weaving shop should have, and then I say how many — even great ones — don’t but I wish they did, and Beth says something like “Oh no, I’ve got a wall of raw fleece in different breeds, and I’ll sell it in smaller quantities so people can try things, and for the breed studies we do…”

All in all, it’s probably fortunate for all concerned that her shop, while less than a day’s drive away, isn’t close enough to me that I’m constantly over there attempting to pillage it. Beth’s fabulous, she clearly has a fabulous shop, and she also does all the things for her local spinning community that anybody could want their fiber shop to do. Just look at her class and lesson schedule! She’s got great things going on all the time, and works hard to bring in incredible teachers, like Jenny and Galina and — I’m tempted to try to drive up there for this one — Patsy Z… quite a roster of folks on my list of people I want to take classes from! What’s more, I know her shop is frequented by a few other people I really admire (like awe-inspiring lace knitter and handspinner Faina Letoutchaia), and all in all I just can’t help but picture a shop where I would clearly spend far, far too much time.

So when I told Beth I was putting together workshop plans, and she asked me what I was doing in March, well, everything just seemed like a total no-brainer, and so I’ll be debuting a couple of new classes at her place, and if you’re in the area you can come join us on Friday, March 28 for “Spindle Tricks” in the evening, and all day Saturday, March 29th for “Spinning Sock Yarn.” I absolutely can’t wait!

13 thoughts on “Hey, Michigan!

  1. Now why would you want stuff with Michigan on it????

    Now the wall-o-fleece, that sounds like it requires a serious investigation, for Sheepwreck of course!

    And of course there are rumors in the wind about it being a slumber party involved with all of this nonsense 😉

  2. Arrgh, so close yet so far. My sister lives in MI but moved from Ann Arbor area to Detroit area. I live in western PA. I just finished plying my first yarn (spindle spun) and wish there was someone to take a class from in my area. I am overall very happy with it but I am having problems seeing how I can get a specific end product. (ie fingering or lace weight yarn).

  3. Abby, that is so tempting, both to see you and Beth again, as well as the spindle tricks. Unfortunately, I will be touring colleges with my eldest son that week and plan to be in Atlanta – the things we give up for our children!

    If your prior commenter Rachel left contact info, have her get in touch with me; if she’s in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, I can connect her with people.


  4. She has a marvelous store.

    My mom and I spent an afternoon there (burning up Mom’s card) a while back and I came away with an awesome stash, a set of mini combs, a book on working with them and a desire to be less of a chicken girl on the dying end (still a chicken girl as I haven’t yet). She is so sweet she sat down right on the floor with me and showed me how to use the combs! It was a great experience and reminds me I need to see if she has more top that I didn’t purchase enough of.

  5. Well, it’s 13 hour drive and two border crossings from Massachusetts, so maybe I’ll have to find someone to share the drive with. But seriously, have a blast!

  6. Beth was my swap pal in Spindle & Wheels fiber swap. One of many goodies I sent her were some of your awesome batts.

  7. Sounds like a great store. You will have a wonderful time, so will everyone who attends your classes. Too far for me to come. Haven’t budgeted for an overseas plane ticket to do spinning classes. Never mind.

  8. Thank you, Abby, for the kind word and plug. Please give that Beth of our’s a hug for me when you’re there. She’s one in a million.
    Cheers, Jenny

  9. Abby, you can’t do that in March, I won’t be home from FL yet! Dangit.
    Maybe next time.

  10. I am Great!!!! I didn’t even realize how great until I read this post – well, I did back when Jenny was so nice but then I forgot.

    Also, do you have a girl crush on me?

  11. Someday, I’m coming to visit you, and perhaps you can teach me not to loathe my spindles.


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