I thigk I’be got a code.

I thigk I’be got a code. By doze is all shtuffed up add by eyes are watery. I bite haffta retreat to duh reclider add take duh day off. Udderwize I’ll be steezig all ober your batt club batts. Ugh.

(Translation: I think I’ve got a cold. My nose is all stuffed up and my eyes are watery. I might have to retreat to the recliner and take the day off. Otherwise I’ll be sneezing all over your batt club batts. Ugh.) If that happens, those’ll hit mail Monday.

Just at the moment, I don’t even have a mindless project for such an eventuality. That means I’ll start one, which if I don’t finish while under the influence of Theraflu, will lose all appeal to me when I’m in the pink again. Maybe a hat. I remember, last year, thinking I needed a new hat in the winter, and I don’t think I made one. And I have to do the final cable ply on the cable yarn for Chad’s hat to replace the one I made him years ago, and the manchild probably has a bigger head now too. I should just go make hats all day.

Somehow, I have four real deadlines in the next two weeks, plus batt club to finish and get out the door; I really don’t feel like having a cold. Sometimes self-employment really stinks. When I grow up, I’m hiring an apprentice. Or something.

27 thoughts on “I thigk I’be got a code.

  1. WOW my son just set me up on the puter.

    Did y’all know you can listen to music and comment!!!!

    who knew. (o.k. thats how far away I am from a blog)

    I did have one (blog)for awhile but I had a ghost writer.

    Ghost written blog. I have so done that already.

    I may be on the ravelry soon, I keep forgetting my E-Male pass word.
    (love love love harvest season)

    YO RachelH hows work.
    I’m still waiting for the dryer repair man.

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