September has arrived, and with it all sorts of fun and fruitful events… events which, however, have minimized my online activities a little. Finally I’ve got a bit of a break, so I figure I’ll give everyone a holler and an update.

First things first: Batt Club! Later today, everyone on the waiting list will be receiving new emails with their position in line, notifications have gone out to those who’ve gotten in, and the September club shipment is slated for Monday or Tuesday.

So what’s been keeping me so busy? Well, I’ve got a few writing deadlines, some pre-ordered custom production that’s had to happen, a new school year for the manchild, and I’m finally — yes, finally — approaching the completion of that exciting dental implant saga. And, okay, I actually took Labor Day weekend off.

The Foggy, Foggy Dew shawl is, finally, nearing completion; so’s the Pagoda shawl. It has been miserably hot again, after a 3-day break in the weather — the hottest August and start of September on record. So I can’t say there’s been a ton of knitting going on, particularly on shawls that are nearing completion and thus cover a large amount of lap real estate. And it’s hardly rained at all in the past 2 months; everybody’s yard is dying, trees are in trouble, oof, it’s unpleasant.

Stay tuned! Next week brings the meaty updates you’ve been wishing for. Really! This past week has been the first real work week of the new school year season for me, and boy has it been a doozy, as they say.

7 thoughts on “September!

  1. Welcome back! I’ve missed your blog and pics! Can’t wait to see what updates you have planned next week!

  2. I had a tooth implant about a year and a half ago. I went without it for 25 years. I am glad that I had it done. The process does take a awful long time though. Missed your post.

  3. Yes, it is good to hear from you again. 🙂 And yes, it has been at least that long since we have gotten rain. I even have teenage boys trying to get the huge fish out of our drying pond so they can put them in the dwindling river. It is really quite serious.

  4. Hi,I just re read your review on the Victoria Wheel and thought Id add a thought ,I bought the wheel last Febuary but have only just got into using it properly. Love it big time,but I have a concern about support back up from Louet,I need a spare part already and have emailed them and the store I bought it from, with no response at all,maybe its holidays? The conrod where the flexible joint connects is its weakest part and it broke off on the out side portion leaving the joiner held only on one side.I can still spin as Ive supported it with electrical tape,LOL.
    Like you I feel also the cup fitting for the corod to wheel connection is also a weak point so I was hoping to obtain the rod for that reason before it broke,I dont trust the cup linky thing.
    On the wheel operating at speed,I noticed my wheel has a noticeable wobble at any speed but it doesnt appear to have any negative effect. Other than that I really like using this wheel and hope that Louet can help with parts!
    Again thanks for such a well presented reveiw!!!

  5. just wanted to thank you for posting the link to SPROUT, I’ve just finished it, my first complete garment from my own handspun. I’m chuffed to little mint balls (British expression meaning very pleased!)

  6. May I ask a spinning question? I would like to ask if you spin differently, personally, for yarn for knitting versus yarn for spinning? Thanks, Lisa in NC

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