Good News, Bad News

Well, the good news is, round 2 of Batt Club is nearing completion and is absolutely stunning, if I say so myself. In fact, the truth is, it’s one my most favourite blends, I’ve been remembering how much I love this blend, and loving every single batt that’s coming off Cardzilla as I go.

The bad news is I’ve got to let it all go. And it’s so pretty, too.

The next good news is I’ve made both a Flickr! group and a Yahoo! group for Batt Club members to discuss their projects and share photos.

The Yahoo! group is here:

And the Flickr group is here: Flickr Batt Club Group.

The bad news, alas, is that I won’t be shipping Batt Club today, because somebody forgot that she had to go to the periodontist yesterday, and take the kitten to the vet today.

No, I won’t name names. I’ve berated her harshly, though, and she promises she’ll be shipping Monday. She’s very apologetic.

10 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News

  1. Hmmm – I wonder why someone would forget she had to go to the periodontist? It’s sooo much fun, after all.

    My vote is you get a treat every time you go in for torture a dental appointment.

    -the redhead-

  2. Jenny asked my question. I wanna play too.

    Sounds like SOMEBODY probably had a rough afternoon, and could use beer. It IS Friiiiiiiiday, after all.

  3. Don’t you just hate it when “she” doesn’t consider you might have a schedule of your own? I am so excited about seeing the next batts and to see what they are doing with all the wonderful fibers.

  4. Hmmm… My whine and end whine disappeared. Comment hosting doesn’t like angle brackets :-b

  5. HEY!!! Are you okay? You didn’t fall into cardzilla did you? Kinda concerned since you haven’t posted for a bit and I went to your ebay site wanting to get some batts for another fiber swap and saw there was only one option. Seriously, here’s hoping you are doing well.

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