Drop Spindle Basics Video

Here’s an 8-minute video showing the very basics of drop spindle spinning, using a low whorl spindle made from hardware store materials (a dowel and a drawer pull) and some midgrade commercial wool fiber. Multiple angles, closer view of hand actions, hopefully functional descriptions of the process! This is aimed at helping out anybody who just has never seen this done at all, or anybody who wants to see how it could work with very inexpensive materials. Numerous of the techniques are Peruvian; everything is moving slow so as to be as visible as possible.

And for those of you who have asked if I ever do it, I’ve demonstrated dropping a spindle. πŸ˜‰

21 thoughts on “Drop Spindle Basics Video

  1. I haven’t used a bottom whorl, so that was helpful to better understand. I’d like to get one and try it. I loved your expression when the backspin caused the yarn to unwind enough to drop the spindle. lol. Plenty close ups. Thanks Abby.


  2. “Camera Crew: A. Tripod”. *giggle*
    Great video! I wish I’d had this available when I first picked up a spindle. Woulda made things much less frustrating. It’s also nifty to see some of the techniques you’ve described (such as looping the yarn over your fingers as you gather up the spindle for winding on). I’d had problems visualising that from your descriptions before, but now I see what you were talking about. (I just hold the spindle at arms length to maintain tension on the single while I wind it on.)

  3. I learned to spin on a bottom-whorl spindle, but I haven’t used one in a long time. But I’m going to pull one out and try some of your techniques. I’m intrigued! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Abby,
    The video is awesome! Thanks to you I will be starting my first class this Saturday for spindle spinning.
    I got all excited about spindles when I read some of your spinning list emails and read your blog plus the videos.
    It looks like fun I want to learn how to do it! My girlfriend is going with me to take the class
    so it will be double fun! Thanks for all the info on the spinning list and your site. I always look foward to reading your posts and your blog. Wonderful job!

  5. I just love your videos. I keep emailing them around to my fiber friends. Your spinning videos helped greatly. I have been long draw spinning for the past week on the fold thanks to your videos. Do you teach fiber arts?

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing! The close-up shots and the slow movement really make it easier to see what is going on.

  7. A Wonderful Video. I have used the toy wheel and dowel to demonstrate at the LA County fair. If someone, child or adult came by and was really interested, I gave them a spindle with fiber and a handout from SpinOff Magazine. They were so happy to learn how to spin and also have a resource to turn to. Also, are you related to Ed Franquemont. I know he passed away some time ago, but I had some lessons from him when he taught at SOAR. The classes were great and it was wonderful seeing him during the course of the week wandering around with a dangling spindle. Amazing how fast he did it. Thanks for the Video. Sue

  8. Thanks for all the videos you have been making and sharing. As one of the many would-be spinners who has never seen anyone else spin in real life, I pick up a little bit more from each one.

  9. Abby,
    I keep coming back to this video to get new insight into drop spinning. You are phenomenal!!!!! I have spent probably the last hour reading and reading your blog(?). You answer so many questions, give such insight, inspiration and even humor. Your web-site will definitely be a daily stop off for me. ABBY, FIBER GODDESS SHALL BE YOUR NAME!!!!! πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you for doing this video πŸ™‚

    I recently bought a Golding Ring Spindle Kit and while waiting for it to arrive I spent nights watching spindle videos and ingesting info.

    When I finally received the package, I spent some time learning to park and draft, but this spindle wanted to spin! I found your video and watched you pinch the fibers and spin — I got bold — and let my hands, fingers, and spindle do what came naturally. Guess what? I. Made. Yarn.

    Thank you again, for the video and your informative commentary!

  11. Once again I tripped over you on the internet, and then found this video.

    It brought back a wonderful memory of learning to spin, slower by the day but faster by the hour – a long time ago in Brewster NY, not too mention other places thereafter – just to hear his stories

    Thank you


  12. Wow, after hunting about all over the internet for months to find anything that would make me understand spinning, I have found this. And I finally feel ready to pick up that spindle and give it a go! Thank you.

  13. Abby:

    Have never seen your drop spindle video done so clearly. Now that I have learned a few dozen types of spindles (Maya and Ethiopian etc) I have a better understanding with your video of the drop spindle concept that I could never do before.

    Thanks a lot for a great video for basics.


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